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03:03 PM, Wednesday, September 26
Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for one thing – relevancy. They’re like the local know-it-all who takes pride in always having a good recommendation to offer. So when a search engine combs through the internet looking for something like the best pizza places in town, it’s going to scour all the content on each site to make sure it gives the best recommendation. We know what these search engines are looking for and have designed our sites to match exactly what they want.

First, we tailor the language and design of a Storefront to be appealing to online searches. But the content is only half the battle — every Storefront also links to our powerful Marketplace network. We leverage the strength of this network to raise Storefronts in the search rankings. Just as popular malls use the power of closely linked stores to bring in more customers than any one store could alone, our robust directory makes each individual Storefront linked to it more relevant to search engines and more likely to be recommended.

And if your business already has its own website, so much the better! Creating a Storefront and linking the two sites together increases the relevancy of both. The only thing better than having the #1 position in the search rankings is having the #1 AND #2 positions!

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August 28, 2017
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TCL Sanders
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