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6 Simple SEO Tips For Small Businesses

In Marchex’s field research and surveys with small businesses, SEO consistently surfaces as a growing priority for small businesses. When we asked small businesses how important SEO was for their business, 53% said “very important.” read more

Beginner’s Guide To SEO: Best Practices – Part 1/3

Search engine optimization is a complex subject, especially when you consider all the information and misinformation readily available online. Unfortunately it’s often hard to tell which is which. Does the latest tactic you’re reading about work? Does it work for all sites? Only some sites? Or is just another crackpot theory that sounds reasonable, but will never help to improve search traffic to your site? read more

SEO Beginner's Guide

New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner's Guide to SEO has been read over 1 million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality SEO. read more

More technical but still covering the basics of SEO

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. read more

Diversity is the Key to SEO Success for Local Businesses

Google’s recent act of removing 3rd party reviews and citations from Google Places has had many local businesses and SEOs scrambling to review their local search more