Food and Restaurants

The Floradora Saloon
Telluride, CO
The Floradora Saloon, by leveraging the RadiateLocal coupon feature provided through the Telluride Watch, saw a surge in traffic as well as quality lead generation in early 2011. During the first week in January, the business owner received four emails from the lead generation feature of the storefront. Below are the messages from three of those emails:

“I am writing to get some information about hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner at your restaurant on July, 8, 2011. We will be hosting approximately 32-36 people for the rehearsal dinner. I was hoping you could send me some sample menus, cost estimates, and options for beer and wine. If you have some photos, I would enjoy seeing those as well. I am easily available by email, but can also be reached at ____.”

“I will be bringing a group on Sunday night the 16th, for dinner. I might have around 20 people who will pay on their own. I don't have the exact number yet. Can you accommodate us?”

“Your restaurant has been recommended to me by an acquaintance that is familiar with Telluride. We have a group of approximately 30 people on our annual company ski trip. We would like to have a dinner on the evening of Saturday, January 29. In the past, the event has been a happy hour starting between 5 and 6 p.m. followed by a dinner. I would like the happy hour to serve light appetizers and the dinner to include soup or salad, plus dessert. I would also like to include 2 or 3 alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. If you have availability, can you please provide me with an estimate for this event? This is not intended to be an expensive gourmet dinner, so you can skip the veal and lobster type dishes. Can you also provide me with a breakdown of all the costs (tax, tip, drinks, etc.) so that I can evaluate it within my budget constraints? Please feel free to call me at my office or cell phone.”

Needless to say, the owner of the Saloon was ecstatic. She was excited about how well the storefront at the Telluride Watch was working for her, and the publisher is even more excited. He has wrapped a service around the coupons for all of his advertisers and is now providing coupon fulfillment where his team designs a professional coupon for the business owner both for print and for the storefront. He loves our new analytics dashboard and says that this is key to identifying the surge in traffic that corresponds to the release of a new coupon.

Rome, GA
Pastime is a small hot dog restaurant in Rome, GA that has skyrocketed to the the #1 spot in Google for the very competitive term “lunch Rome, GA." They reached #1 after just six weeks of working with our local partner, Rome News-Tribune, and have stayed there ever since.

El Matador
Bountiful, UT
El Matador created working closely with RadiateLocal’s partner, The Davis Clipper back in 2009. It quickly started to dominate SEO and still ranks #1 in Google for “Mexican restaurant Bountiful, UT." The consistent and long-term results are a testament to the longevity of RadiateLocal’s SEO solution. It’s not about short-term bursts that SEM and other online advertising offer. It’s about creating value for continued long-term success.

Rulli Bros.
Youngstown, OH
Rulli Brothers’ Italitan market created a storefront with a locally targeted domain name,, and has gained significant visibility in their community. By focusing on optimizing their content for better SEO and effectively promoting their existing website, their storefront is showing up #1 and their existing site (linked from their storefront) is #2 in Google for “Italian market Youngstown."